Our Mission

The Physicians and Staff are committed to providing the highest quality of health care possible within available resources and to coordinate care with others when services are not available in the Dryden area.
The Clinic works to ensure that continuity of care extends into the hospital, the community and the home

Our Vision

To provide timely access to quality, comprehensive health care to residents of the Dryden area

Our Values and Principles

  • All patients and staff must be treated with compassion, understanding and respect
  • Continuity of care is essential to the provision of quality health care
  • Comprehensive quality care is best provided by community-based family physicians
  • Patients should receive their health care services close to home
  • Screening and health promotion are essential elements in maintaining a healthy community
  • Patient confidentiality must be maintained
  • Advocacy on behalf of patients is important
  • Action that will improve the health of the community must be promoted
  • Patients, physicians and the community must partner to achieve optimal health for all people in the Dryden area
  • Partnering with other health care providers and organizations locally, regionally and nationally will improve health care delivery
  • Continuous, professional growth and development is the responsibility of all health care providers
  • Ongoing efforts must be made to ensure our clinic environment is attractive to new health care providers and patients
  • Seeking operational improvements and efficiencies are necessary to achieve our goals in an ever changing environment
  • Participating in the education of future physicians and affiliated health care providers is essential to future of health care in our community